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How many bales can you load in a container?

We can load up to 580 bales per containers which is up to 60,000 lbs/27,000 kgs


Can you arrange for freight?

YES!  We can arrange the shipment from our warehouse all the way to your port city.  Because we are volume shippers, we can usually get rates that are less expensive than most companies and we pass these savings on to you.


Can you supply insurance?      

Yes.  At your cost, from port to port


How much will a container cost/Can you send a price list?

Container load costs vary depending on composition of items.  If you would like to receive a detailed quote from us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide you with the information.


How long will it take to ship the order?

The length of time to prepare an order depends on the packing list & our existing order situation. We try to expedite all orders ASAP and will ship it in a timely manner.  Upon receipt of your order, we can give you a time table.

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