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We deal in used shoes bulk quantities all across the world. You can find a variety of best used shoes of all major brands and in various types and sizes. Best Used Shoesdoes not restrict its forte to formal shoes and normal casual shoes but also extend the array into sports shoes and sneakers

Grade A+ ( Mixed ) Shoes
All shoes are paired and in excellent wearable condition. There are no holes, stains, tears, rips or worn soles in any of our shoes. Further, all name brands are included and are evenly disbursed in each bag.

Grade A ( Mixed ) Shoes

All shoes are paired and in good wearable condition. This grade is only one step below our best. We include shoes which are a little below our A+ standards but are still graded according to the same methods. We include all name brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc..

Note: In addition, we remove all unwanted items, (i.e., ALL High heels, canvas, jellies, slippers, golf shoes, plastic, etc.. )  


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There are a variety of different packing options available for the majority of footwear we offer. They range from packing of 45 Lbs, 50 Lbs, 55 Lbs, 20 Pcs, 25 Pcs, and of course we can customize your order according to your exact needs.

All shoes are packed in white poly-weave bags that are machine sewn shut by a hand-held industrial type sewing machine which help ensures a tight seal. By utilizing the latest technology, we help avoid unnecessary and costly problems such as spillage, the product getting wet, and most importantly help deter possible pilferage at the port by making it harder for the bags to get into for anyone except the intended person.

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